Mode Of Action

Each Plantacote® fertilizer granule contains the main nutrients nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Depending on the product type, magnesium and trace elements could be added. This ensures a homogenous distribution of all nutrients in the growing media.

The nutrient release is regulated by a semi-permeable membrane which completely coats the fertilizer granule. The specific thickness of this polymer coating determines the longevity of nutrient release.

The fertilizer granule absorbs water through the membrane. The nutrient salts dissolve according to their specific solubility. Due to the osmotic pressure the dissolved nutrients pass outwards through the coating, where they are absorbed by the plant roots. This natural mechanism ensures a controlled nutrient release during the whole vegetation period. With the exception of Plantacote® Mix, the nutrient release from Plantacote® fertilizers begins after 2-3 weeks (depending on temperature). This specific mechanism guarantees particularly crop safety and a consistent release effect over the specified longevity.

Before Plantacote® was launched, damage to CRFs from mixing, freezing conditions or high temperature could be a problem, leading to flash release and thus salt scorch. The Plantacote® coating is not only outstandingly tough, it is also so flexible that the strains of even major temperature changes are taken in its stride. Plantacote®’s state-of-the-art coating protects your crop and protects your profit.

All grades of Plantacote® release their nutrients according to the temperature of the growing medium. Nutrient release is unaffected by substrate type, pH, microorganisms, or the amount of irrigation water used.

The release of the nutrients is, just like plant growth influenced by temperature. Under cooler conditions plants grow slowly and require lower levels of nutrients. Under warmer conditions plants grow more quickly.

Plantacote® thus releases the nutrients at the rate required by the crop for optimum growth (cf. Table: Longevity depending on temperature). The specified longevity for Plantacote® refers to an average soil temperature of approx. 21°C.

After the release period, the Plantacote® coating is broken down by chemical and physical processes and microorganisms.

Longevity depending on temperature

Average soil temperature




2M Type

2-3 months

1-2 months

1 month

4M Type

4-5 months

3-5 months

2-3 months

6M Type

6-7 months

5-6 months

4-5 months

8M Type

9-10 months

8-9 months

6-7 months

12M Type

14-16 months

12-14 months

10-12 months

16M Type

17-18 months

15-16 months

14-15 months

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