Plantacote® Triple 14

100% coated controlled release fertilizer with all essential main nutrients for optimal plant growth in each granule. It features a very balanced nitrogen-phosphate-potassium ratio and is therefore usable for a wide range of horticultural crops. As Sulfate of Potash (SOP) is the only source of Potassium, the Triple 14-14-14 (SOP) is free of chloride. This makes the formulation very suited for application to young plants and propagation, where the high phosphorus level is improving the root development. The nutrients are released as needed over the specified longevity depending only on the soil temperature (defined for 20-21°C). The typical, delayed initial release after 2-3 weeks ensures a high safety to crops.

Propagation and young plant production, Fertilization of pot plants, balcony boxes, hanging baskets and tubs, container nursery stock.


Nutrient Composition *

14% N

Total nitrogen, 3.7% N Nitric nitrogen, 10.3% N Ammoniacal nitrogen

14% P2O5

Neutral ammonium citrate-soluble and water-soluble phosphate, 11% Water soluble phosphate

14% K2O

Water-soluble potassium

7.0% S

Water-soluble sulphur

* 8M/12M: 13-13-13

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