Plantacote® Mix

Partially-coated controlled release fertilizer (75% coated), consisting of a safe starter and a controlled release component. The starter component contains the essential trace elements and magnesium required for optimal plant nutrition. The product differs fundamentally from the other Plantacote® products due to the nutrients released during the first 2-3 weeks from the starter component. This special product is adapted to the nutrient demand of crops requiring strong early release of nutrients. The nutrients are released as needed over the specified longevity (defined for 20-21°C).

Suitable for all crops requiring a pronounced initial nutrient release, in particular plants for beds and balconies. The adhesive property of the starter component makes the product ideal for surface application on containers, as it prevents the granules from falling down. Due to the high starting release, the product is not suitable for dibbling.


Nutrient Composition

15% N

Total nitrogen, 6.5% N Nitric nitrogen, 8.5% N Ammoniacal nitrogen

10% P2O5

Neutral ammonium citrate-soluble and water-soluble phosphate, 8.6% Water soluble phosphate

15% K2O

Water-soluble potassium

2% MgO

Magnesium Oxide, total

5% S

Water-soluble sulphur

0.03% B


0.050% Cu


0.150% Fe

Iron, 0.05 Fe chelated by EDTA

0.075% Mn


0.015% Mo


0.015% Zn


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